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After planet earth was rendered inhabitable, human kind was set off into the space on a fleet of spaceships to find a new home, but all the good planets were taken! Stranded in space, they had to take refuge in other populated planets. While some planets are willing to accept human refugees, not all aliens are kin on the idea of sharing their home with strangers. Their motto is "Keep Our Planet Pure"!

In KOPP, you play as an intergalactic traffic control officer who intentionally abuses the navigation system to misguide human refugees. You can raise alarms and signals to guide the incoming fleet to their doom. Keep human refugees away from your planet!

Note: KOPP was made for Seattle Indies Game Jam 2019. The primary theme of the jam was "Intentionally Broken". Adding a bit of political satire, we decided to make a game about a not-so-friendly alien whose not kind to human refugees and misguides them to keep them off their planet. 


KOPP_build.zip 31 MB

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